Ladies of Mass Destruction
As part of Ladies, Wine & Design Glasgow's exhibition, myself and illustrators Amy Whiten and KMG created a collaborative mural at the Lighthouse in March 2018. 
Our mural brought together typography, illustration and abstract form to explore the themes of balance and representation as a creative woman. In modern life, arguably more so than in the past, it is difficult to find balance – work, family, partners, friends and health compete with each other and pull us in many directions. Many would say that they question their own identities, even more so when they become mothers, which disrupts their paths to their own goals. Portraits of experienced creative women weave through strong structures and organic forms, creating discord and harmony, while the typographic statement is unapologetic and bold. Altogether the piece symbolises this balance that many creative women feel they must achieve to be at the top of their game in a male-dominated industry.
On display at The Lighthouse from March 2018 – late 2019.
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