Please send all sign and artwork enquiries to hello@rachelemillar.com 
See below for questions related to commercial or personal signage – please send me as many answers to these questions as possible for me to provide a rough quote.
As I spend a lot of time up ladders, it could take me up to a week to reply to your email. If you need signage urgently please detail this in the email and title line.

All Commercial Signage:

Please send me:
• Your location
• Photos of the current shop/site
• If you have a deadline

If you already have a design, please send me:
• Your design files (preferably in pdf, eps, or ai format) 
• Sign dimensions or the dimensions of the space the sign will fit into

If you'd like me to design something, please send:
• The exact wording  you would like on the sign
• Sign dimensions or the dimensions of the space the sign will fit into
• Colours or a rough colour palette which I can choose from. Please note that screen colours will look different when they are painted.
• Some images of my previous work that you'd like the design to look like. 

Signage on site:

Please provide the following:
• Photos of the places where signage/artwork will be painted
• Rough measurements of these areas and whether they are at height (if so, how high up are they?)
• The wall surface (i.e., brick, smooth drywall, rough stucco, etc.)
• When ideally you'd like the work to be carried out and/or completed
• Where the site is (Glasgow, surrounding area, across the country, out of the country)
Please provide as many answers to these questions as possible in your initial email. I will then issue a ballpark cost, and if this is within your budget we can arrange a site visit. Thank you!

• What would you like it to say?
• Painted/gilded?
• Would you like it to be on wood/glass?
• Roughly what size would you like it to be?
• Do you have any examples of style and colour scheme you had in mind?

Below is a rough guide to pricing for artwork commissions:
Sign artwork for interiors (enamel paint on wooden panel, see examples here) – £150+
Gilded glass artwork, unframed (enamel paint and 23.5 carat real gold on glass, see examples here) – £150+
Wedding signs (enamel paint on wood or other flat surfaces) – £300+

Please note that commission costs can be affected by size, material, complexity of design, number of colours and many more factors. Please get in touch before if you would like a rough price of a specific commission. The above list of possible commissions is not exhaustive. 

For gilded house numbers, please send the following information to gold@rachelemillar.com:
• The number you'd like to be gilded
• The location of your house (ie. Glasgow, surrounding area, further afield)
• Photos of your front door from the inside of the house and from outside
• Measurements of the glass panel
• An example of a previous number I've done which you like the style of.
After I have this information and your window is suitable to gild I will send a rough estimate. Please note that most house numbers will be between £200-300. Email gold@rachelemillar.com
Do you have a pal who loves hand painted signs? Perhaps your parents live in a beautiful old house and would like some gilded numbers above their door? Would your partner love a piece for an anniversary present? Or maybe you'd just like to commission something for yourself and pay for it in a few instalments? Gift vouchers can now be purchased from my online shop. 
Buy yours here
Images: Dickies Workwear
Images: Dickies Workwear
Images: Dickies Workwear
Images: Dickies Workwear
Images: Dickies Workwear
Images: Dickies Workwear
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