"The Pre-Vinylettes' Suffragette Centennial"
Artwork created for group exhibition "The Pre-Vinylettes' Suffragette Centennial", an exhibition in Portland, Oregon, 2020.
The inspiration for my piece came from research into the experiences of Suffragettes in Scotland during their most active year of 1912. During this year, protestors took to more violent protest and were often imprisoned for ‘malicious mischief’. Most went on hunger strike, which started the now infamous trend of force feeding. Arabella Scott was imprisoned in Perth for six days and force fed throughout her sentence. In a letter in reply to her mother asking for her release, the Secretary for Scotland saw no reason why the demand should be granted— ‘and as for forcible feeding, the prisoner has the remedy in her own hands.’
This response echoes what we hear in so many aspects of life as women. When the actions of others affect women, the first question is directed to what the woman could have done to stop it and implies that we must change our behaviour to stay safe. Our choices should not be affected by what others do or others say and should not be placed on that of the victim. I chose to paint ‘In Her Own Hands’ as this is exactly what every woman should have – her own life, career and body in her own hands and no one else’s.
610mm x 457mm, enamel paint on plywood. An edition of 80 risograph prints of this artwork was created after the show ended. Available for purchase here
*Original painting SOLD*
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