'Burds of the Brush' 2022
In 2022, Rachel E Millar hosted a weekend sign painters meet called 'Burds of the Brush' in Glasgow, Scotland. In attendance were 44 women and non-binary sign painters from nine countries. Following on from the success of 'Previnylettes' in Chicago 2017 and 'Galphabetics' in London 2020, she felt that the new movement to celebrate and uplift less 'traditional' painters was in need of a bit of life and inspiration. 
The weekend was a huge success, with many new friendships made and a stack of brilliant panels along the theme of Burds. Almost every attendee of Burds of the Brush agreed that they would attend another all-women and non-binary event, and more than three quarters would now be more likely to attend an open meet.
As long as there is a demand for all women and non-binary events, they should continue to happen, and be supported and celebrated by the entire sign painting community.
'Burds of the Brush' typography design by Rachel E Millar. 'Burd' illustrations by Hana Sunny Whaler. Event hosting assisted by Hana Lindsay of Sure Signs. Supported by AS Handover, Better Letters/BLAG and Dickies Workwear. Venue provided by SWG3 Glasgow.
Rachel wrote an article entitled 'Burds of the Brush: One Year On' for BLAG 03 in 2023, which discusses the success of the event. Available to read with a BLAG subscription. 
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